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Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems
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BSA Enterprises designs and installs complete Solar Power Systems for residential and commercial applications. Our systems are complete, engineered solar electric systems custom designed for each owner depending on their needs. We are a Florida State licensed and insured electrical contractor that can install your Solar Power System to State and Local Building Codes. We fully document the system, pull city permits, completely install the system and provide expert support as needed.


Why should you install a Solar Energy System for your Home or Business in South Florida?

  • Save Money on your electric bill by reducing your electric consumption
  • Reduce your Carbon Foot Print and help save the environment
  • Prepare for Summer Power Outages
  • There are Government Sponsored Programs to help reduce the cost
  • The system will pay for itself over time

Using solar power for all or part of your home's electrical needs makes sense. Grid-tied residential solar systems are less expensive than ever and reduce the amount of electricity you purchase from your local utility. Where net metering programs are available, you may be able to sell excess electricity to your utility (for South Florida under Florida Public Service Commission with FP&L). Your residential solar system will produce reliable, clean power to reduce the burning of fossil fuels and contribute to a healthier environment. Solar electric systems are quiet, operate automatically, require very little maintenance and need no fuel except sunshine!



Installing a PV system is also a capital improvement to your home or business (and is therefore exempt from sales tax). But unlike other real property improvements, a residential solar system generates electricity and thus an ongoing cash flow, by directly reducing your electricity bills for the next 25 or more years. The initial capital investments and subsequent cash flow benefits make a home solar system comparable to other long term, purely financial investments.


BSA Enterprises offers installation services for homeowners and businesses in South Florida for grid-tied solar systems, off-grid home solar systems and UL approved solar products.


We use the highest quality materials installed by licensed Florida electricians.


We offer Solar Solutions for:

  • Residential Homes - seeking to reduce their carbon foot print and lower their energy bills
  • Businesses wishing to qualify for tax incentives
  • Parking Canopies that provides shade and protection for vehicles while producing electricity.
  • Warehouses, Hospitals, Shopping Centers and any business seeking a solar energy solution

Features and benefits:

  • Pre assembled racks and enclosures
  • Solar modules are fully encapsulated to resist harsh weather conditions
  • Pre wired & installed modules & batteries
  • Quality components assure long system life
  • Complete solar energy systems integrated into your existing electric
  • Factory testing for quality assurance
  • Complete operation and maintenance documentation
  • All installations are reviewed by a South Florida State Licensed Electrical Contractor
  • Professional installation performed by a Florida State Licensed Electricians
  • After sales, service and system warranties
  • Help utilize your State's incentives and net metering programs



If you are interested in a Solar Power System for your home or business,
please call us at (954) 424-0998 or e-mail us: BSA Enterprises





The federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 established a 30% tax credit up to $2,000 for the purchase and installation of residential solar electric and solar water heating property and a 30% tax credit up to $500 per 0.5 kilowatt for fuel cells. Initially scheduled to expire at the end of 2007, the tax credits were extended through December 31, 2008, by the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006.


In October 2008, the Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008 extended the tax credits once again (until December 31, 2016), and a new tax credit for small wind-energy systems and geothermal heat pump systems was created. In February 2009, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 removed the maximum credit amount for all eligible technologies (except fuel cells) placed in service after 2008.


Tax Breaks for Businesses, Utilities, and Governments


For a complete summary of the tax incentives included in the bill, read the summary of Energy Tax Incentives in The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.



Solar Energy Related Incentives:


Long-term Extension & Modification of Residential Energy-Efficient Property Credit
The bill extends the 30% individual tax credit for residential solar electric expenditures through December 31, 2016 (8 years) pursuant to Section 25D. A previous residential solar electric tax credit cap of $2,000 has been eliminated. The bill adds residential small wind property as a category of qualified expenditure for tax credits with a cap of $4,000. Qualifying geothermal heat pumps expenditures are capped at a $2,000 tax credit.


Consumers - Homeowners

Extension of Energy-Efficient Buildings Deduction
Current law allows taxpayers to deduct the cost of energy-efficient property installed in commercial buildings. The amount deductible is up to $1.80 per square foot of building floor area for buildings achieving a 50% energy savings target. The energy savings must be accomplished through energy and power cost reductions for the building’s heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, and interior lighting systems. This bill extends the energy efficient commercial buildings deduction through December 31, 2013 (5 Years) by amending Section 179D.


Private Business – Real Estate Developers

Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds
The bill amends Section 54D to create a new category of tax credit bonds to finance State and local government initiatives designed to reduce greenhouse emissions by. There is a national limitation of $800 million, allocated to states, municipalities and tribal governments

Government – States, Municipal, Tribal

For detailed information, visit the Solar Energy System Incentives Program Web site, provided by Florida's Department of Environmental Protection.





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